About Us


Our company was founded on the principle that people today are seeking a radically different approach to living their day-to-day lives than any generation before them. With this in mind, Trillium focuses on creating unique lifestyle amenities for its residents, offering a distinct alternative to the status quo at our apartments throughout Phoenix, Arizona.

Trillium differentiates itself from its competitors in many ways. Fundamentally, Trillium prides ourselves on basing its community development on years of exhaustive research, incorporating people’s ideas and attitudes, dreams and desires into what can only be described as a new paradigm for 21st Century living.

Our portfolio includes a wide array of living communities, everything from high-density apartment buildings to garden-style residences. By combining development, construction, finance and property management all under one roof, we are able to create the cohesive and coordinated environment necessary to provide our residents with the highest quality multi-family housing available today.


Trillium is about the symmetry of life and the vitality that we can instill in the level and quality of our philosophy: services, products and people. By developing lifestyle-enhanced communities, empowering employees, and giving back to the community, Trillium is setting a new standard in the multi-housing industry.

The trinity of blue and green hued circles of our logo symbolizes Trillium’s identity: the inner circle is the core – its people, and its innovativeness and uniqueness as a company. The next circle signifies Trillium’s relationships in the marketplace and the reputation it has built in the community and industry. And the third circle characterizes the distinctiveness of services and amenities offered by Trillium Residential. Lastly, the smaller circle hovering outside of and above the others serves to remind us both individually and as a company that we should strive every day to achieve something beyond ourselves – something outside of our sense of what it is capable of being accomplished.

Our residents are the most important components of our business, and we continually strive to provide an unprecedented level of service to them. It is our genuine desire to be the best that our industry offers-to set the bar for residential community development and management-and each of our team members maintains a tremendous sense of pride in their role to help achieve this goal.

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